K J Foxhall

Legal Technology, Writer, Long distance swimmer, SOCLI and more!

Death comes from above

You can't hypnotise someone to death, can you?

Vincent can, allegedly. Although never convicted of it, Vincent up until recently was detained, and had served nearly 20 years of his sentence, for brutally killing his high school sweetheart, in the middle of the school playground.

He is controlled, meticulous and incredibly intelligent. He is also somewhat of a celebrity given the allegations, and his thirst for knowledge concerning the human psyche.   Therefore, it is somewhat puzzling why he felt the need to escape.

After his successful escape from prison, he is now on the run, and described as one of the most gifted and dangerous criminals in history. However, the world is a very different place. It is now the digital era, and eyes are everywhere. He needs to keep one step ahead, otherwise someone will recognise him. He must learn quickly, and try to blend in without relying on his “skill”.

Following closely in his tracks are two exceptional investigators who respect his intelligence, strategic thinking and fierceness. They need to use their years of experience to catch him, and do it quickly before he assimilates into the new world, and they lose him forever.

Who will win this battle of wits and wants? And who in the end is actually being hunted? 

Available to order soon.  Anyone who makes a donation to the 15k charity swim I am taking part in in the next few weeks, will receive a free copy. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/myswimathon