K J Foxhall

Legal Technology, Writer, evidence based information,

Marine Conservationist, SOCLI, and much more!

New book release soon "Death Comes from Above"!

The Society of Learning and Information (SOCLI), was formed in 2018 to unite multiple information providers in one place.
The scope of SOCLI is to be a growing learning provider starting in the UK and expanding outwards, where we provide the ultimate learning database which can be utilised at any time and is evidenced and sourced by viable companies/individuals, with all information notarised by SOCLI. 
In the coming months we will be adding more subjects to the learning database (SOCPort). We are always looking for providers/ratified individuals, so if you are interested in joining this growing venture, please email us at contact@learnandinfo.com

In the meantime, please keep an eye on this website and we will let you know as the new courses become available.  

 Writing and Publishing courses

 Nutrition courses

 Music and Media courses

SOCLI will shortly be starting work on its Technology courses. For further information, please visit the website learnandinfo.com