Books by K J Foxhall

Death Comes from Above
Thriller, murder, crime, action, horror, psychological, hypnosis

You cannot hypnotise someone to death. It is impossible, the human will is too strong. Isn't it? 

‌Vincent Silo can, and he made mainstream news in 1995 when he allegedly killed several individuals this way. Although only convicted for the murder of one, many believe he was responsible for the other deaths too. 

‌Nearly twenty years later...

The Last Dragon
Children's book, funny, quirky, adventure, playful 

“Who are you?” One of them asked. “I'm the last dragon” said Berty with a gasp.

‌Berty and Fizz are brothers who happily live in the pet shop.

‌One day they are purchased and separated, so Berty tries to find his way back to the pet shop but encounters strange new things, animals and people along the way.   

The Dragon Realm Chronicles 
A 7 part series still in production
‌Science fiction, action, fantasy, horror 

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