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The cake conundrum

It is obvious for those who are in the industry, that the legal sector is a very stressful place. I have (mostly) worked in law in London’s city centre for nearly 20 years, and I would like to say that the stress improves, but really all that happens is that one’s mindset of stress changes.  

This aside, I have in the last year been dubbed as having a problem with cake. All I did was make a few cake-related comments, and the next thing I know there are rumours circulating that I disappear off into the stairwell at work to secretly indulge. Ok, there was that one occasion when I could hear cake being cut, but that was a happy coincidence. Of course it doesn’t help when our firm has birthday cakes every month – I have to ensure that I am not the first one there.   

In any event, if this was all true, then I would be the size of a house.  

Don’t get me wrong, like many people, I like food, I like food a lot, and it is one of the reasons why I have so many nutritional qualifications. I am a very active person so it makes sense that I burn a higher number of calories quickly. However (and again this is coming from someone with 5 qualifications in nutrition), while moderation and portion control are key factors, I do on occasion overindulge in the sweeter things in life to ensure my day is not completely filled with good old stress. 

Some might say why not try and control the level of stress to begin with. My answer, if I could do that, then I would, but many times my daily stress is out of my hands. It took a long time to finally admit that one. Also, as I am being completely honest here, I would more than likely still eat cake! 

So, back in April when we seem to have every birthday in the year (yes, I am exaggerating there), we had a cake conundrum. My monster turned 3 years old (yay we made it this far), and my husband is very adamant that every child should have a cake on their birthday (no complaints here). As we had been away on a short break, and there were lots of family related things going on, I did not have the time to make one, so he went and purchased one from Cakebox. It was a lovely fresh cream Victoria sponge cake (personally not my favourite, but it wasn’t my birthday), and one thing I love about their cakes is how light weight and soft the sponge is.  

As with most post toddlers, or post toddler pre-child type in between age, Monster will misbehave on occasion, and then throw a hissy fit especially when they are overwhelmed or overexcited, or just generally not getting their way. Imagine lots of presents for a small person, playing non-stop with new and cool toys and then is told to eat their lunch promptly as we had to go on a rather early Easter egg hunt at Granddads. Of course, most post aged toddlers will want to continue playing, and eat at their own pace.  

This therefore put my husband in a bewilderment. Does he enforce the usual rules of pudding only after you have eaten all of your lunch, or as it is Monster’s birthday allow them to have cake when they want. I knew my husband really wanted the cake also, hence the conundrum, so that kept us occupied for a while.  

However, the previous day, the husband decided to ban peanut butter for a week, as Monster was only licking the filling off of their bagel, and not actually eating the bagel itself aka another session of acting up. I don’t see why I had to be punished in the process, but again the conundrum was there, as at the same time when I did find out where the peanut butter was hidden, I was not going to take a spoon and my porridge up to my husband’s sock drawer every morning for a week.  

The fouls and follies of parenting I am sure many can relate to.  

P.s. In conclusion we did have cake in the end, and then the following week when it was the husband’s birthday, we had more cake. Our anniversary was also at the beginning of April and I am sure by now I don’t have to articulate that there was cake! 

Nutella Cake by Funky Hampers

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