New year, new decade, new me?

I haven’t posted much this year, but a lot has happened. Luckily, we haven’t had to rebuild any parts of the house, so as of next year we can get back to travelling and doing some more fun things.

Here is a roundup of 2019, which will hopefully inspire, entertain, and maybe repulse you in places. 

I should wear a bell, unclean! 

2019 will be the year of medical issues for me. Fortunately, none were life threatening which I am very grateful for, but it has been validated that I am a bad patient. I can’t keep still for longer than five minutes, I’m always moving around and then wonder why it takes me longer to recover.  

Five weeks ago, I had an operation due to unstable equipment of the female kind. Yes, I am referring to women’s issues.  

If you are in the horrible situation of dreading ‘that time of the month’ because it is excessively heavy, painful, or you are regularly seeking urgent medical care, then it may be worth considering an endometrial ablation. HOWEVER, this is not a decision to be made lightly, as this will remove the opportunity to have children and recovery can take several months, so if this sounds tempting, please do your research. 

Unfortunately, for many of us, it takes a long time to get a resolution regarding the dreaded monthly inconvenience. My diagnoses went from Adenomyosis, to Menorrhagia, to unknown, and as a result of not acting quicker both by the doctors and myself, my iron levels suffered, I now have inflammation on the gut which also needs to be treated. My parathyroid hormone flagged up as low this year also. I am hoping it is a false positive, but it warranted a referral to Endocrinology.  

Even though these aliments are separate, I can’t help but think that they are all related. Since I had the procedure in November, my other symptoms, particularly in the gastro sense have improvement considerably.  

If you are in the process of going through this type of referral, check out the pre-referral requirements, such as a blood test (not bad) and a 24-hour urine sample (what the hell).  

You are given a 5-litre sample container, and I don’t know about you, but I don’t own any bags that big. Just when you think they are giving you a bag for discretion; it turns out that it is a sample outer back with “Urine Collection” in big letters on the front of it. 

Wonderful. Try explaining that to a 3-year-old.  

Smashy smashy, my poor car 

There has been a dark cloud hanging over my car this year. A few years ago, I would have been devastated if someone even looked the wrong way at my car, but with my current model I still see the issues as violations, but it is not the end of my world by any means. It is a shame as the car itself is a great runner and reliable, but now it is not even worth the trade-in value thanks to the vandalism it has endured.  

In August, I returned to the train station car park and discovered that my catalytic converter had been stolen.  If you haven’t been privy to this, then you need ear phones, the noise cancelling type, as the sound of a vehicle without a catalytic converter is excruciating.  

Coming back to this type of treatment after a long day at work is not ideal. I, like many, work hard for my belongings so to have my property treated in this way is diabolical, as it is not just the money aspect it is the time and inconvenience of the repair.  

If you are unfortunate to go through this, then you could be looking at between £600 – £2,000 to replace this part. In my situation most of the exhaust had to be replaced as the individual who caused this wasn’t exactly skilled with a hacksaw.  

Catalytic converter stolen

My evening was gone and so was part of the following morning. Luckily, I work for an understanding company otherwise I may have been docked pay and all sorts.  

Similarly, the individuals that smash your car window, and take your battery (leaving behind more valuable items), are equally as mind boggling.  

Twelve hours before my procedure (which was 5 weeks ago), I again had been working late for several weeks up until that point, I was fatigued, stressed and trying to prepare for the following day. I returned to more damage inflicted to my car. 

Smashed passenger side window

Again, I lost my evening, and bear in mind that I very rarely get any free time to myself, and I was even more stressed than when I started off.  

It was assumed that the delinquents responsible tried to steal the car, but couldn’t and then stole the battery out of spite. Another bunch of intelligent criminals were clearly on the case with this one.  

New book release, finally 

On a more exciting note, this year I finally I released my book “Death Comes from Above”. This one was a long-time coming. It does not contain any dragons or mythical beasts it is more of a crime, action thriller, with a hint of unrealism. If you like detective novels and investigatory pieces about how the mind works, the human psyche and the unexpected, then this could be for you.  

Our main character is an escaped prisoner, and has the ability to hypnotize people to death. If you are a Doctor Who fan in the David Tennant days, in one episode he mentions that you can hypnotise people to do things, but you cannot hypnotize someone to death, the human will is too strong. 

Death Comes from Above details the theory behind hypnotism, and questions what could happen if someone was able to push those boundaries. The story follows our escaped prisoner to a popular London airport where he manages to board a plane and go to a different country in a bid to start a new life where he is unknown for his crimes. At the same time, we meet two British detectives who are determined to extradite and detain him before he commits any further crimes. 

You can read the description here.   

The work life balance, exercise and drones 

Check out my YouTube footage

My husband and I have demanding careers but we also have a child. Said child is number one priority. Any working parent will tell you it’s a game of extreme planning and chauffeuring. We try and get some time for us, as I personally think it is unhealthy to revolve your life around your children, it can make you resent the wealth you have, but it is important to do what works for you. Sure enough, being a working mother, I have my fair share of guilty feelings at times, but the small human is happy and healthy so I can’t be doing badly. I make sure I give them as much time as I can, and in return I think as a trio we do really well.   

It is incredibly difficult to have it all, with work, family and hobbies, but I am lucky that my husband and I share the same interests, such as drones, and the good news is that it looks like the small human is following in our footsteps.  

I have been uploading a lot of drone footage this year and I aim to continue doing this well into 2020. The husband and I are debating gaining our commercial licences but in the meantime we are happy being registered recreational users and following the drone code.  

Many years on, and I am still swimming as enthusiastically as when I started endurance swimming. I obtained a few medals this year which provides great gratification as I know I am not swimming as much as I used to. I have restarted doing yoga again, though this time it is more energetic, HITT yoga.  I have also gone back to my dance routes and started latin dancing as I felt that my back, and body in general, needed loosening up.  

Additionally the husband achieved his second RideLondon medal, for the 100 mile cycling route London to Surrey and back this year. 

The end of another decade is upon us (and we survived). Typically, I achieve more than I ever set out to do in a year and this year is no different, work, family and recreation are at their peaks and I couldn’t be happier. While this is not me blowing my own trumpet, and there will always be parts of my life that I would like to improve, mend and change, overall, I am in a place I want to be. Working hard pays off, it can take a long time, but it pays in the end, and above this I am lucky to have a happy and healthy family.  

Be thankful for what you have because things change quickly, unfortunately some of my friends found that out this year.  

Here is to 2020, may it be prosperous, evolutionary and happy for us all. Happy New Year.  

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