A year of ups and downs, swimming and study, success and bereavement and perhaps a hint of suspension yoga

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It is nearing the end of 2018, and I am not so happy to say that it couldn’t come sooner.   This year has been abnormally busy, and that is saying something, but it is also the reason why I have hardly posted any blogs. This year has welcomed a lot of downs, but it

Mega Blok castles in the sky: Emergency structural work

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*Originally posted on 12 April 2018* Given my last post, I thought a visual representation of the work which has been carried out on our house, would be helpful. I fully endorse data privacy (notice I did not mention GDPR…oops, I did), so in the interests of not displaying anything about my humble, and rebuilt

What to do when your house needs an overhaul. Emergency building work edition.

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*Originally posted on 12 April 2018* Reducing down a very long story, in March 2015 we had the interior wall taken down, which separated the dining room and the kitchen to turn it into a kitchen/dinner. Bearing in mind that the dining room could hold the contents of our previous property, the room looked ideal