Reach for the stars. What would be your message in a bottle?

There are so many things I would like to tell Monster, even though I am not sure if my advice is right, so I recorded a living will video, with a high level message about 'achievement'.

enter image description here

Achievement is subjective and it is different for everyone. I do not think it can be measured as it is personal. What I have achieved in my life so far, many would not want to do, where others have done so and more. I think everyone can agree on this.

I am happy with everything I have achieved so far, because I have surpassed all of the expectations I have set myself. It is a great feeling, and it is a feeling that no one can take from me.

I have reached for the stars on many occasions, sometimes I have grabbed them, sometimes I have failed miserably, but I tried, and I learned from it all.

So, my message, not only to Monster but to anyone, is to reach for the stars. Go out there and achieve. It may take you minutes, or decades but go out there and do it for you. The only barriers you have are the ones you put in your way. People will be jealous, they will criticise and we are in such a judgemental world at present, but if you achieve something you are happy with, then they cannot do anything. It's yours, you earnt it and they cannot take it away.

Many of my achievements have been through taking part in projects, completing courses (long ago, I set myself a target to complete one course per year). I have written several books, all fictional which have puzzled family members, some think that science-fiction is for the young. I wear Star Trek t-shirts, I incorporate Trekkie slogans and metaphors in my work and personal life, to me science-fiction is fun and it is the future – how can it be unrealistic when we send rockets into space.

At the same time, I love learning about our world. There is a dark blue world underneath us, that still has more to be explored, but at the same time I hope mankind leave it alone. We do enough damage.

The imagination is limitless, and I love exploring the different avenues it can take me down.

So if people are holding you back, let them, if they have time to talk about you in a non-positive manner then you have either offended them or intimidated them. If it is the latter then carry on with life, find people who support you, be all you can be. No one can really argue with that deep down.

There will always be obstacles such as family and work, these are inevitable, like taxes, just plan accordingly, you will be able to achieve, there is no time limit on achievement, only what you set yourself.

Furthermore, if your goal is making you unhappy, perhaps it has an unrealistic timeframe or it is just not for you. You do not have to see something through. If you have tried something, and it is not making you happy, then do not feel like you have to continue with it. There are plenty more fish in the sea.

Achievement, reaching for the stars without setting yourself chores. There is no age limit, time limit or physical barriers. Be all you can be, for you and no one else.

Mega Blok castles in the sky

Given my last post, I thought a visual representation of the work which has been carried out on our house, would be helpful. I fully endorse data privacy (notice I did not mention GDPR...oops, I did), so in the interests of not displaying anything about my humble, and rebuilt abode, here is a model I created earlier.

This is what our house was like before the work was carried out:

enter image description here

This is what our house looks like now:

enter image description here

For those who do not know, our house has undergone emergency renovation work over the last two months. Considering the upheaval, we have been told that we have dealt with it very well. The work consisted of taking up all of the flooring on the lower level of the house, rebuilding the support walls and creating foundations, and then adding several tonnes of cement for extra stability. We had to move ourselves (and the small human), into temporary accommodation for 5 weeks at very short notice. This meant an increase in train fares for me to get to work, extra mileage for Jack and taking our annual leave with the childminder, as well as taking annual leave from work to try and keep costs down.

Keeping in mind that the insurance company were not obliged to pay out, we are now in the process of finding out if we can carry out a negligence claim for all of the work that was required. I stress that the work was required, it was not optional. It was either carry out extensive work, or watch our floors fall in.

We have only owned the property for 3 years, and given the stature of work, we cannot help but think that someone would have noticed there was a problem with the support and foundations of the property during the purchase.

Overall it has meant that work as in careers, has been placed on hold, we have had to take unplanned annual leave and personal days, live with family members, spend several weeks apart from each other as there was no room for all of us in one location. We have also had to cancel plans such as anniversary, and scrape together for birthdays, because of course that happened at the same time everything else was going on, and while I have tried to keep a positive attitude and remember that at least we have a roof (or several roofs) over our heads, and we were not apart from each other that long, it has been incredibly difficult. Though I now have had a taster of single parent life and have made the executive decision that if Jack and I ever broke up, Monster would need to be older.

Also I am not convinced by Jack’s taste in decorating music. How did it take me nearly 10 years to find this out.

Watch this space, I am sure there will be further developments on this, even if they are minor.