Vol VI – The Dragon Realm Chronicles: Imogen Claire and the Greenhorn Dragon

Volume VI


It has been two years since Imogen was in her coma. While she experiences random flashbacks, she doesn’t remember anything of clarity, to the frustration of her peers. It is expected that by now, she would have taken up her charge, but her closet friend is having difficulty trying to convince her (again) of her heritage. One dark night the Dragon Realm intervenes and takes her away. They do not release her until she properly understands and accepts, that this is her way of life from now on. The year is 2004 and the human race is declining in morality, and taking the balance with it, and under the noses of the highest authorities, the greatest possession all humanity has goes missing. It is imperative that the Shadow embraces her responsibility and soon, or there is a strong reality that time will be unwritten with no recourse. The fourth instalment is full of action, treachery, murder and general chaos as Imogen finally discovers who she is, and becomes one step closer to the illusive Shade.

Volume VI

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