Vol III – The Dragon Realm Chronicles – The Black Hole Wrath

Volume III


The year is 2001. It has been 14 years since Stefan’s disappearance and his daughter Imogen is nearly 22 years old.

Embittered by her decision to follow in her parent’s footsteps into the legal world, she leaves the industry and goes to work as a martial arts instructor. At the same times she moves into her father’s old apartment.

Liberated by her new found freedom, old memories begin to surface as well as haunt her. She has not seen St Towers Estate since she was nine years old but nothing has changed, it is like time has stood still.

The long hours and lack of money soon make their impact on Imogen’s health and one day she passes out and falls into a deep coma.

At the same time the government announces that a team of scientists are about to practically test black hole theories on Earth.

Fearing that she may never wake up again, Imogen projects into a sleep world where she is able to see everything around her undetected. She learns of the pending disaster the world faces, history of her family’s charge, gains more insight about her father’s disappearance as well as long kept secrets, deception and vindictiveness of the people around her and she is introduced to a dragon or two along the way.

When it is all over she is left not knowing whether she will wake up, or stay in the dream world waiting for someone in reality to make the decision regarding her fate.

Volume III

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