Vol II – The Dragon Realm Chronicles, The Search for Sarah Sinclair

The Dragon Realm Chronicles, Volume II


It is January 1987, just over a year since Sarah’s passing.

Stefan has since released a book and has been nominated for the Turner Prize. Even though Stefan’s life has become considerably successful, he is haunted by continuous nightmares of that evening from a year before. Faint voice keeps calling his name, and as time goes on he sees more and more mythical creatures invade his personal space. Whilst this is to be expected now that he knows of his heritage, the voices do not go away, and he finds out that there is a strong possibility that Sarah has not crossed over at all, but that she might be trapped in the Vita Medius Excessum (The Realm of Lost Souls).

Stefan is faced with a hard decision, rescue his love and risk never returning to this life again, leaving his daughter unprotected and uneducated in her fate, or does he leave her knowing that the constant calling, and his conscience, may never stop haunting him.

The Dragon Realm Chronicles, Volume II

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